What images are presented in the text? The images presented for me in the text Dulce et Decorum Est written by Wilfred Owen were when “Men marched asleep” was said the image put in my head was that this was the soldiers life day and night and it was non stop. When

How do these images affect our understanding of the events, setting, the people, atmosphere (feeling)? These images affect our understanding because it portrays an image in our minds of how horrifying it was to be there at the time and it shows us how brutal the war was for people. It sets a dark setting for the reader and seems like it is an unhappy place with no happiness.


What specific vocabulary has been chosen to add meaning to the text? In the text the first sentence it has descriptive vocabulary to put an image in our minds on what they were like.


Techniques Tasks 

identify 3 examples of the language techniques mentioned from the poem.

  1. Record the technique and example.
  2. explain why this technique was specifically used in this poem- what effect/impact would it have on the readers understanding. I.E. In the poem, the technique of … is used to … (fully explain the effect)

Simile: “like old beggars” The soldiers are deprived of dignity and health like the elderly and dispossessed who are reduced to begging for a living.

Allusion- “The old lie” “it is sweet and fitting to die for your country” This tells us he is saying that it is a good thing to die for your country which means that is his perception of dying for your country some people might believe this after reading the poem, which alludes us from what war is really like.

Metaphor- The use of phrases such as ‘drunk with fatigue’ and ‘deaf even to the hoots’ could be interpreted as metaphorical ways of showing the men’s physical state. However it could be argued that their tiredness is such that it has the same impact on the brain as drunkenness. We could also perceive this as the men are deaf to the shells since all their senses are numbed.


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