8th May 2018

The book thief

Jacob lang

“The book thief”

The Author of “the book thief” is Markus Zusak. This book is a Extended written text.

The book thief is about a young orphan Liesel who has new foster parents Hans and Rosa. Hans learns that Liesel is unable to read so he teaches Liesel how to read even though he is not so good at reading then English language himself. Liesel loves reading and even steals a book from a Nazi bonfire. The family can barely afford food for them selves but then a jewish boy max came along to live with the family. Max gets really sick and Liesel reads to him whenever she can and max starts to get better after being really sick and Max leaves to keep the family safe from being caught of hiding a jew in their basement.

The reason why I would recommend this text is because it catches the attention of the reader and when you start reading it you don’t want to stop because you want to know what happens next. This book is very emotional in some parts and you wonder if everything is going to be okay. A Reason why I recommend the book thief is because it is about a girl who can not read but still steps a book, how bizarre? The author Markus Zusak has made every character offer the depth and understanding on the time of the war and what it was like. The book makes you think a lot and you understand everything that is happening like why she stole the books and why the mayors wife invites Liesel into their home.

This book shows what happened in the world and how horrible things were. People were hated for not being the same and having different beliefs. If a person was found with different beliefs they would be taken away like max was being hidden by liesel and her host family but if bought there would be serious consequences it just shows how horrible some people were. I believe the world today is very different because we have learnt to except people that have different beliefs but there is still people that do not accept people with different values. I believe that we should accept everyone no matter what beliefs they have because we are all human.

This teaches me that not all people are as lucky in the world as I am everyday I have food whenever I want and how much I want and I am able to have everything I need and most things that I want but in the text liesel and her family can barely afford food and are struggling to live a healthy life. They can not afford any extra goods that I can and most people would have been like this in the town they lived in. This is scary that people had to live a life like this and it is worrying that this still happens in the world today we as people living in Wanaka need to understand and realise how lucky we are to have the things we need and want everyday and value how much we have. Not having enough food is a problem in New Zealand also so this relates to the people from the times of the book thief.

This book gave lots of emotions it was emotional but amazing to read about a girl with so much courage. She went into one of the richer peoples houses in the town and stole books and took them home and read them to a jew who was staying in her basement and was dying very slowly. It was very emotional when Max (the jew) left to keep the family safe from getting caught, as the book went on you started getting attached to the characters and it felt awful when something horrible happened. I loved the book thief and believe that this book should be read by anyone even if you don’t particularly like to read because I don’t like to read that much but I really enjoyed this book. If someone decides to read the book I advise some tissues too stop those tears from rolling down your check.

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