30th October 2018

Social exclusion

Social exclusions affects one in seven teens and can be more harmful than overt bullying. Today I will be talking about how social exclusion affects teens this is something that I am passionate about and something that I have had to deal with and I believe so have many of you sitting in this room today. So what is social exclusion well it is a form of bullying it is a form of relational aggression and a subtle and indirect type of bullying. Social exclusion is the act of rejecting someone from interpersonal interactions. The two perspectives I am going to focus on is the perspective of the bully and of the victim.

 I am going to outline why teenagers socially exclude their peers. Teenagers exclude their peers because of reasons like they aren’t as high on the social scale as the bully, teenagers think excluding someone gives them more power or because they have been excluded themselves before and it makes them feel better about themselves. If someone that isn’t necessarily considered popular at school and tries to hangout with a group it can go horribly wrong because the group don’t believe they are high enough on the social scale therefore they can’t hangout with that group in the groups eyes and it makes the person left out feel horrible that they are being left out. A huge reason why teenagers possibly exclude others and bully others is because they have previously been excluded themselves. for a teenager Excluding someone it could make feel better about themselves. It sort of acts like a ripple affect if someone gets excluded then they do it to someone else and then they do it to someone else it just carries on. Another reason why someone could socially exclude someone is because of things that are happening at home a teenager could have things going on at home like having abusive parents and the anger can build up in a teenager and they just let it out on someone because they can not hold it in anymore. Sometimes people can see that people are left out and want to help the person and invite them over but their friends  

 How and what impacts social exclusion can have on a teenager. Social exclusion can have many impacts on teenagers in school. Social exclusion can have serious impacts on a teenagers mental health. Being excluded can make you feel lonely and unwanted. Being unwanted can be a horrible feeling and being told by people they don’t want you to hangout with them can have huge affects on your well being. In result of being excluded you can have a loss of confidence and this takes a long time to build up. you always feel judged and you are too afraid to go talk to knew people because you are nervous and scared of the rejection. Being excluded can have an effect on you but if you continuously get rejected by people and people do not want to hang out with you it can brake you down so much. Even if you are in a friend group and then all of a sudden they just don’t invite you to group gatherings or activities anymore that can really have an effect on your life. If you feel like you are good friends with someone and they do not invite you to group things anymore or do not talk to you anymore that can affect you hugely it can impact your life and make you feel not wanted anymore and you don’t feel good enough this links to your confidence being put down and the more you get excluded the more your confidence goes down.

I believe no-one likes to be bullied obviously but I also believe from the bullies perspective they do not like to bully it is just something that makes them feel better about themselves. I believe there should be more education in schools about social exclusion because it happens so often and being socially excluded can really make a teenager feel lonely and unwanted. Yes schools try to help with bullying and yes they teach us a small amount about cyber bullying but I have never heard our school talk about what affects social exclusion can have on a teenager. I believe that there needs to be more education in schools about social exclusion. Earlier in my schooling life around primary school and the first couple of years at college Teachers tell you to include someone if they are left out but does this really change a teenagers behaviour now. I don’t believe it does I believe being told a couple of times in your life to include others will not stick all the way through college and quite often there will be a group of friends having fun and someone that are by themselves but also not being asked to join by the group but instead they get judged for being alone.

In conclusion I believe social exclusion is a big issue and schools and things need to be changed I hate seeing someone being left out and want to let them join. We should all make a difference.

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