1st November 2017

Now and Then

“Now and Then”



In summer the clear glistening water shines from the golden suns rays. Beams of light pierce through my eyes and the warm sun kisses my skin, gently leaving a blush like mark. Beautiful mountains stand staunch and tall; the bottom is covered in grass looking as golden as a desert; the surface looks really dry and crusty from the heat. A strip of rocky terrain splits the grass and the top of the mountain apart.


Sand slides under my feet as I walk along the beach, stones getting caught up in the middle of my toes and water splashes onto the back of my heels as I run, getting faster and faster. Ducklings swim, struggling to keep up with their mother and boats are going the speed of light zooming through the water.


People lick their ice creams as fast as they possibly can but it’s not fast enough because the heat from the sun melts it at extreme pace. The seagulls hover around all the tourists waiting for them to drop just one scrumptious chip. My nose tingles from the fresh smells in the air, the smell of bacon and warm muffins as I walk past the restaurants.


I run up to the top of Mount Iron out of breath with the awesome view it provides staring at the dry track carved the whole way up. As I run down stones slip under my feet; people smiling at me and speak to me with a simple quick “hi.” I run down to town to the lake to jump into the water when I climb up the pole on the wharf and stand there I take 3 deep breaths and boom, I flip into the water. I am refreshed and feel good about what I have done swimming for a bit, cooling off from the hot sun. People are out exercising on the lake front running and walking their dog and it amazes how many people get out there and do something to benefit themselves.


As it gets further into the seasons less and less people are walking around the lake and the dark looms earlier therefore the shops start closing earlier in the day slowly It gets colder and colder further into the year.


In winter the dark drifts across the sky coming over the town like one massive cloud normally The town is as empty as my stomach after I haven’t eaten in a week. Lake Wanaka had fog rising slowly in the mornings, looking like a graveyard that you wouldn’t want to walk through. The frosty ground is covered in a white dust, shining in the morning sun’s rays.


Emptiness covers the surface of the water, the ducks the only objects on the water and no boats are out and no one is swimming. The stones are frozen and It hurts to take another step so I slowly stutter my foot forward planting it into the stones and I let out a yelp! The stones now feel like blades slicing through my foot.


Tourists and locals are walking along the lakefront in warm clothes like jackets, puffer jackets and long pants keeping them that tiniest bit warmer, stopping the hyperthermia from getting them. People cup their hands around their hot chocolates to keep them warm. People take small sips savouring every last drop. Almost all shops are empty apart from the ones that sell warm food. There are packed lines flooding out the door because everyone is rushing to get some warm scrumptious food to give their cold stomach a little warm treat.


Almost no one is doing any outside activities apart from the people up the mountain because the mountains are sprinkled in icing sugar covering the peak. Racing down the hill, hundreds of people are skiing and snowboarding but the little kids are in the cafeteria running around and screaming; outside there are people playing with the snow and learning new tricks to show their friends.


As winter is finishing, the sun appears more and the air gets warmer, I am relieved when this happens since I always miss the warm sun and i’m glad it’s back. Finally the cold season is over and we get to do lots of fun things like going for more runs, playing more football, going for walks and swimming; I love this feeling It gives me the joy of knowing summer is coming.


Jacob Lang


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