Initially what would you imagine a person who steals books to be like?
Untrustworthy? Mysterious? Evil? How does Liesel differ from your initial notions
of who a “book thief would be”? 

I believe that a person who steals books is less fortunate than others and dos not have as much as others but they also value and treasure any possession that they have. I believe that If you were stealing books it’s for your own learning and knowledge and not actually targeting someone and stealing off them. They are not doing it to hurt others but trying to help themselves from being bored and they are doing it to help them selves because of the situation they are in. I don’t believe that stealing books is a bad thing even though you shouldn’t steal other peoples property But they are doing it to help themselves because a situation they have found themselves in.


2) Explain how these early experiences in Liesel’s life would have affected her as a
child? What do these early references to Liesel indicate about how she is going to
interact with others? What will be her goals/ objectives in life? What
conflicts/difficulties may she have as she matures?  

Liesel did not know how to read at the start of the text and this would really affect her and in the text there was an example of that whence got bullied for not knowing how to write her name and all the kids bullied her for not being able to read. This affected her in a good way because she was determined to learn how to read therefore she practised all the time and by the end of the text she was reading books clearly and didn’t struggle on many of the words at all.

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