29th October 2018

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the gravedigger’s handbook – way to remember her brother who died and her mother who had left her, death the shoulder shrug – not afraid to break the rules to help herself, important to learn to read, book burning in nazi Germany, starts bond with Frau Hermann the standover man – starts as evil for example Liesel has fear of death and as the book goes on Max arrives and it changes from evil to good. Max becomes the new standover. For example, SS and Hitler are Max’s standover man and this is replaced by Liesel.   State your point…. Explain where this happens in the text Give Quotations Relate back to your question   The Grave diggers handbook is first introduced in the text when Liesel, her brother and mother were on the train to the kids new home. On the train shockingly Liesels brother got sick and unfortunately passed away on the train. Liesel spotted a book in the snow when they were saying goodbye to her brother and putting him in a grave: “There was something black and rectangular lodged in the snow, only the girl saw it. She bent down and picked it up and held it firmly in her fingers.The book had silver writing on it,the Gravediggers handbook. “The book symbolises her remembrance of her mother and brother. The book would be the only object Liesel would have to remember her brother and her mother: “The point is it didn’t really matter what the book was about. It was more what it meant that was more important.” “the last time she saw her brother – the last time she saw her mother.” This shows that liesel still wanted a connection with her mother and brother because she would never see her brother again and she was leaving her mother to another home. 
The book also symbolises a connection between Liesel and her foster father Hans. At first Liesel did not want to get to know Hans, but one night Hans come into her room to calm her down from a nightmare and saw “The gravediggers handbook”: “when he reached under and pulled at the fabric, something loosened and landed with a thud. a black book with silver writing on it came hurtling out and landed on the floor.” Instead of being mad at Liesel for hiding the book he decided to ask liesel: “it is yours – yes papa – do you want to read it? – yes papa – well we’d better read it then.” This shows that Hans was kind and loving towards Liesel and there would be a strong relationship between Liesel and Hans. When Hans started teaching Liesel how to read    Book burnings Occurred On the evening of May 10, 1933, some 70,000 people gathered at the Opernplatz in Berlin. Students had carted over 20,000 books to the public square. The Nazi student leader Herbert Gutjahr held a contemptuous speech. “We have turned our actions against the un-German spirit. I turn everything un-German over to the fire,” he cried.     Quotes: “It would provide her with a venue for continued book thievery” “And it was anger and dark hatred that had fuelled her desire to steal it” “We put an end to the disease which had been spread through Germany for the last twenty years, if not more!’

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