Have you ever been bullied before? Well I can almost guarantee you have. But don’t worry you’re not alone in 2013 there was research found on the rates of school bullying in New Zealand. As a country we have one of the worst rates of bullying in the world. and they have found in their results that 94% of teachers believe or see bullying happening at their school. Each day there is 160,000 students in New Zealand that miss or avoid school because they get bullied or are scared of getting bullied. Bullying now does not only happen at schools children now use their phones to their advantage which causes cyber bullying. 80% of teenagers use a phone regularly. This means they have access to online websites such as snap chat, Instagram, Facebook and many other apps that it is easy to reach people you know. This means that kids are not safe at any time they are constantly hiding at school and at home where they should feel safe. I want you to understand the effects bullying has to people, why people bully others and how we can deal with bullying within New Zealand.

The effects bullying have to people are immense kids everyday miss school because they are scared of getting bullied or are already bullied. This is just one of the effects that bullying has to kids. Bullying can make kids feel lonely, unhappy and frightened. It’s not just students that are getting bullied who are affected Most students say they don’t like seeing bullying in their school  it makes them feel worried and uncomfortable. Students who bully others are also more likely to have problems and be unhappy. Being bullied can affect everything about a child how they see themselves, their friends, school, and their future. Students who are bullied often experience depression, low self-esteem that may last a lifetime, shyness, loneliness, physical illnesses, and threatened or attempted self-harm. Some students miss school, see their marks drop or even leave school altogether because they have been bullied. This states how much damage getting bullied can do to one kid it could ruin someone who gets bullied.

Why do kids bully other kids, Well I believe that kids bully other kids to make them feel good about themselves, make themselves feel powerful and one that I feel is poor and should never happen but this does. Parents bully their kids at home and this is wrong and should never happen. Kids learn and copy their parents and if parents bully their own children at home of course the child will think these actions are ok and will repeat them at school. Research shows that bullies are often aggressive towards others, They often view violence as an okay way to interact with other kids. Possibly because they don’t know what to do, parents and other adults may ignore the behavior of bullies. Since they aren’t disciplined, bullies learn it is okay to act aggressively towards others. A big reason why kids bully other kids is because the environment the child is raised in. Children who bully often do so as a way of controlling the world around them. They enjoy the feeling of power they get when they can make another student or person feel inferior. In most cases the bullying takes the form of mental and emotional attacks. It is not always the kids fault that they are bullies because they do not have the support that they need.

How can we deal with bullying in New Zealand, the reason why i don’t say how can we stop bullying in New Zealand is simply because it is not possible to stop every single kid that bullies others to stop their habits and get rid of bullying. But we can all help to lower the rates of bullying in New Zealand. To do this though we need to be committed to deal and help kids that bully others. We need to focus on teaching kids at an early age how bullying affects kids and help them understand the things that are wrong with it. To help kids we need to make sure that students have a good lifestyle at home and aren’t being treated poorly by their parents. The main reason why kids would bully is because of what happens at home. If parents bring their children up in a rough environment kids will be aggressive to others and think this stuff is normal. So how are we going to deal with this i think we need parents to take a stand and educate their kids on bullying and do the best to keep them in the best environment possible with no violence or verbal abuse. I also believe that we need to educate parents on how to help their children and be aware of how they can help their child if they are getting bullied or even educate them on the signs that their child is a bully. To do this we would need the government to invest in this and be committed to get people to help educate parents on things like this. This information shows how much we can do to deal with bullying in New Zealand.

In conclusion I believe that we need to deal and help bullying within New Zealand. But first before we try deal with bullying we need to understand what it is. Today i have talked about the effects bullying has to children, why kids bully other kids and how we can deal with it. We learn from this how to prevent bullying and that this is a big issue today. Just think before you send that text or share that photo or even say that nasty comment behind their back is it nice and will it make them feel good about themselves just have a think about that.


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