8th May 2018

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Student Name: Jacob lang

Text Title: Russia 1 France 3: Pogba and Mbappe shine as Les Bleus overcome World Cup hosts

Author/Director: Marcel Desailly

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Date Finished: 2/04/2018

If France are to make an impact at the World Cup, they will need Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante to shine, Marcel Desailly has said.

Marcel Desailly has urged Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante to rediscover top form at club level in a bid to aid France’s World Cup hopes.Pogba has continued to lack consistency at Manchester United after returning to Old Trafford from Juventus in August 2016, and has even found himself left out of the starting XI by manager Jose Mourinho in recent weeks.Kante, meanwhile, has not been at his best for Chelsea after two stellar seasons that saw him win the Premier League title with Leicester City and then the Blues. Pogba offered a reminder of what he is capable of with an assist and a goal in France’s 3-1 friendly win over Russia in St Petersburg on Tuesday. And Desailly, a World Cup and European Championship winner with Les Bleus, knows how important it is for the pair to be in peak condition in Russia. “That’s an issue, [that] they couldn’t [produce] a great season for their respective clubs,” the 49-year-old, speaking courtesy of Hublot, told Omnisport.“We cannot say that they voluntarily didn’t give their all, thinking of the World Cup. “Everything will be determined by the way they prepare ahead of the World Cup – physically and mentally, in order to regain momentum. “They have nothing more to prove as they are both world-class experienced players, but they need to bring a positive momentum to the team.”While the World Cup is beginning to loom large on the horizon, attention now turns to the conclusion of the season at club level, with Desailly’s former France team-mate Zinedine Zidane seeking to guide Real Madrid to a third successive Champions League crown.“I’m happy that he feels comfortable…he knew a tough time acknowledging that the league [title race] was lost for them,” Desailly said of the coach.“They struggled a little but he [Zidane] was able to reverse the current trend in order to beat Paris Saint-Germain with a great tactical play,” he added, referring to the Champions League round-of-16 tie.“He chose younger players, more focused and well-disciplined regarding the tactical aspect of the game.” Despite his affection for Zidane, Desailly is hoping for a final between Pep Guardiola’s Premier League-leading Manchester City and the Bayern Munich side of Jupp Heynckes, who won the competition with Die Roten in 2012-13.“We want to see some new faces,” he said.“We love Real Madrid because of Zidane but we would also love a great final [featuring Manchester] City versus Bayern. “It would be new and rewards the clubs who were committed and kept their philosophy like Bayern.”

 This is about an Ex national French football players opinion on two football (soccer) Players the need to shine and play their best in the upcoming weeks leading to the football World Cup this year. At the moment the players are more experienced and should be leaders but aren’t playing up to expectations so far this season in the eyes of Marcel Desailly. But I believe this could change leading up to the World Cup.

 If you are into sports I would recommend this text because you can look at this anytime and because it is about something happening in the world today you can relate to the situation or you can disagree and have your own pinion with the subject. I personally agree with the text and this is why I myself would recommend it for others to read if you have an interest in sport. This teaches me that in life no matter how much money you are worth according to some scout that it depends on how hard your work. Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. This is what I personally think before going out to every training or game.This teaches us in the world we live in today people are getting paid way too much and when they are getting the big dollars they start to slack off and this is when the hard workers start to become better than what the talent is. BUT don’t get me wrong these two amazing players Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante defiantly have worked hard to get where they are today. Even though these sports stars aren’t performing to the level of what we have seen them play they still get paid the same as they did when they were performing well they are getting millions of dollars when someone that money could be going to less fortunate people. but this is the world we live in today so they won’t change that anytime soon in my opinion. Personally this has happened to me before at one point I was not performing to the best of my ability and what I had been and people were doubting me this acts as the same as these two players getting doubted during the season. In my opinion if we just leave the players alone and none of the critics talk bad off them and the media keep news away from them instead of to them it will bring a faster recovery to both of these boys and cause they don’t have critics all the time on their backs they will have some breathing room and be able to focus on themselves a bit more and getting themselves ready for the World Cup. I know I wan the critics to leave the yo aren’t playing to your best.

In my opinion I think that people should stop putting pressure on these players leading up to the World Cup. These two players are professional players that have the ability to bounce back and be in top form and could do this at any time. Pogba and Kante are world class players that can pull off the impossible so I would not be to worried about their form leading into it. I believe they will go in to the World Cup at there best and create an amazing partnership for the World Cup maybe even winning the world cup for France.




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