27th August 2018

2.5 speeches

B) to construct and deliver an oral presentation on a topic issue, idea, conflict, situation that is thought- provoking/ controversial this year.

You must present at least two different perspectives/ interpretations/ view points on this topic, issue, idea, conflict,situation, situation. 

 how Social exclusion affects teens.

Social exclusions affects one in seven teens and can be more harmful than overt bullying. Today I will be talking about how social exclusion affects teens this is something that I am passionate about and something that I have had to deal with and I believe so have many of you sitting in this room today. So what is social exclusion well it is a form of bullying it is a form of relational aggression and a subtle and indirect type of bullying. Social exclusion is the act of rejecting someone from interpersonal interactions.

For my first point I am going to talk about what teenagers do to pairs to exclude them. 

My second point is going to be how and what impacts social exclusion can have on a teenager 

my third point is going to be on what I believe should be done about this in schools

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