Essay questions to choose from: 4. Analyse how language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the written text(s). REMEMBER: “Language features” refers to symbolism, imagery and the point of narration of “Death” using the first person pronoun “I”. Books symbolism – the gravedigger’s handbook, the shoulder shrug, the standover man the gravedigger’s handbook – way to […]

Initially what would you imagine a person who steals books to be like? Untrustworthy? Mysterious? Evil? How does Liesel differ from your initial notions of who a “book thief would be”?  I believe that a person who steals books is less fortunate than others and dos not have as much as others but they also […]

Who is Rudy? Compile a list of details that establish who Rudy is in the text, “The Book Thief”. Include general details such as age, personality, family, beliefs, likes, desires, dislikes/frustrations, activities, hobbies, sports. Significantly include what Rudy represents in the text: consider his appearance, the “Jesse Owens” incident, his family’s situation in Molching, his […]

Student Name: Jacob lang Text Title: Russia 1 France 3: Pogba and Mbappe shine as Les Bleus overcome World Cup hosts Author/Director: Marcel Desailly Text Type (circle): Extended Written Text / Other Written Text / Visual, Oral or Other Written Text Date Finished: 2/04/2018 If France are to make an impact at the World Cup, they will need […]

Jacob lang “The book thief” The Author of “the book thief” is Markus Zusak. This book is a Extended written text. The book thief is about a young orphan Liesel who has new foster parents Hans and Rosa. Hans learns that Liesel is unable to read so he teaches Liesel how to read even though […]

In the poems “Dulce de et Decorum est” and “Exposure”. Wilfred Owen presents the ideas of language features. He uses the techniques of Alliteration and Smilies. The themes/issues that I will talk about for my texts is that war is not glorious. In “Dulce de et Decorum est” and “Exposure Written by Wilfred Owens he […]

Images- What images are presented in the text? The images presented for me in the text Dulce et Decorum Est written by Wilfred Owen were when “Men marched asleep” was said the image put in my head was that this was the soldiers life day and night and it was non stop. When How do […]

The idea to “exposure”- exposed to extreme weather conditions, is a reoccurring theme in this poem. List of all the references to “exposure” that are included in the poem. Explain what these references specifically tell you about the environment and conditions the men experience. How is the weather presented as an enemy? A reference to […]

What has been included? Consider the selection of words/volucabulary in this poem. Why have specific words been chosen?How do the words affect our understanding of what is taking place? Monstrous- “Only the monstrous anger of the guns.” The word monstrous has been selected in this sentence because it shows the shots are loud and are […]

“Now and Then” Wanaka   In summer the clear glistening water shines from the golden suns rays. Beams of light pierce through my eyes and the warm sun kisses my skin, gently leaving a blush like mark. Beautiful mountains stand staunch and tall; the bottom is covered in grass looking as golden as a desert; […]